Call For Papers

Public and academic interest in trust has never attracted such debate and attention as in recent years. The importance of trust has fuelled debates and controversies in multiple arenas from international diplomatic relations to climate change issues, from governmental agendas right through to sport star/celebrity behaviour. The need for clarity and precision has never been so compelling. The 9th FINT workshop @ Dublin provides a valuable forum for trust scholars and practitioners to share and discuss the most recent developments in our understanding of this complex and important topic. It also provides an opportunity to hear from specialists working at the forefront of the trust issues which pervade contemporary society and organisations.

As we strive to increase our understanding of trust, this workshop will encourage trust scholars and those with an interest in trust issues to reach out and consider influences from other disciplines and their research literatures. There are many complex questions which remain, particularly around the dynamics and processes underlying trust creation, maintenance and restoration across a range of contexts and types of relationships. How can theory and methodologies from complementary topics and other disciplines assist us in moving forward with the development of trust theory? The 9th FINT workshop on ‘Trust Within and Between Organizations’ aims to provide a forum where the community can consider these challenges and how best to meet them. We welcome both junior and senior contributors to present new theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence based on qualitative or quantitative inquiry.

Format and Submission

We invite you to submit a paper in one of three categories:

Papers under development can be submitted to the “First Cut Papers” section. These papers will be featured in conference sessions designed to provide the maximum amount of feedback to authors. Papers in this category should submitted as an extended abstract up to a maximum of 1500 words. You will not be required to submit a full length paper in advance of the conference.

Papers already near to publication can be submitted to the “Conference Papers” section. Papers in this category can be up to a maximum of 3000 words. You will not be required to submit a full length paper in advance of the conference.

Doctoral students, junior faculty members, and other early career researchers are also encouraged to submit a paper for inclusion in the “Paper Development Session” of the Junior Faculty/Doctoral Student Colloquium to be held on 16th November. Submissions may range in length from 6 pages to a full-length paper, and should otherwise comply with Journal of Trust Research (JTR) author submission guidelines Authors should also submit a current CV, plus a 1-2 page document describing their research interests and background, research aspirations, and a statement of what they hope to gain from participating in the Junior Faculty/Doctoral Student Colloquium. Authors of accepted submissions will be paired with a member of the JTR Editorial Review Board to receive one-on-one feedback on their papers.

In all three categories, papers should be submitted in MSWord or PDF with double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font and numbered pages. Your paper should clearly explain the relevance of the chosen topic, the research question, theoretical background and the contribution of the research. Empirical papers should provide an overview of their methodology, analysis and main findings. In order to facilitate double-blind review please ensure your submission document excludes any author names or identifying information. Details of authorship can instead be provided through the paper submission system. You will be required to setup an account on your first visit.


Submissions should be made by 4th May 2016, 23.59 GMT.
***Submission Date Closed***
Papers are under review, with further communications planned in July 2016.
The conference is open for registration and payment.